Fill terminals with life

Self-service terminals are an integral part of most payment acceptance systems.
Cash acceptance, sales of transport tickets, services payment of housing maintenance and utilities — there is no equal to terminals here. That is why despite the popularity of mobile apps, classic kiosks are high-demand in many spheres.

Our company stood at the origins of this market in Russia and in dozen other countries. We have realised the process of payment for thousands vendors and we know how to gear up and become simpler this work. For this we developed Terminal.
Flexible settings — quick start
Simplicity of settings
Flexible system of templates allow to realise payment plans with ease. Compound pages with help of huge control elements library.
Work with devices
We did internal API for working with equipment. Inline work with devices in payment plans became simple and fast.
Integration with PaySystem.tech
Terminal easily integrates with other products PaySystem.tech. Product use together with Machine at most.
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